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Conference Program


The Conference Program Committee shall be charged with the planning, direction and execution of the program for our winter and summer training conferences. The committee will work closely with the Corporate Support Committee, the Conference Site Committee, and the President to be certain that MSFAA goals are achieved and that adequate financial support is available.


  1. The chair shall schedule committee meetings to plan the winter and summer training conferences.
  2. In conjunction with the MSFAA Treasurer, the chair shall verify all financial activity related to committee activities.
  3. The chair shall prepare an annual budget for the committee.
  4. Submit the following items to the Web Services Committee for the Archives:
    • Copy of the conference programs
    • Copies of the papers presented at the conferences
    • Copies of pertinent planning information for the conferences
  5. Attend Professional Development Committee meetings.


The President will appoint a Chair (or Co-Chairs) for the Committee from the MSFAA membership. The Chair(s) will be responsible for selecting additional members, if needed, from MSFAA member institutions.

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