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Leadership Development Committee


The Leadership Committee shall be charged with the planning, development, direction and execution of leadership symposia, workshops and programming offered by the association.  The committee will work closely with the Donor Support, Site Selection, Training and Communication and Electronic Initiatives committees and the President to be certain that MSFAA goals are achieved and adequate financial support is available.


  1. The chair(s) shall schedule committee meetings to plan the leadership program(s). There are no standing members on this committee, but it is encouraged that Sector Representatives be invited to the meetings. Chair(s) need to ensure to the extent possible that the committee’s members represent the diversity of the membership and that all committee members are members of MSFAA.
  2. Responsible for the development, preparation and printing (if necessary) of the following:
    • Participant Application Form
    • Thank You Cards
  3. The chair(s) shall advertise events/programming and coordinate all activities related to the schedule including recruiting and selecting presenters.
  4. The chair(s) shall identify and provide a specific list to Site Selection of audiovisual equipment needs for all presenters so that appropriate arrangements may be made. Where possible, association held equipment should be used and this should be coordinated with the Communications and Electronic Initiatives chair(s).
  5. In conjunction with the MSFAA Assistant Treasurer and Treasurer, the chair(s) shall verify all financial activity (income and expense) related to committee activities.
  6. The chair(s) shall prepare an annual budget for the committee and provide to Finance for approval.
  7. The chair(s) shall submit the following items to the Communications and Electronics Initiatives Committee for the Archives:
    • Copy of the program (electronic)
    • Copies of pertinent planning information for the events
  8. The chair(s) will compile post-academy event survey results and share results with the President, and President-Elect.


The President will appoint one or more chairs for the Committee from the MSFAA membership.  The chair(s) will be responsible for selecting additional members, if needed, form MSFAA member institutions.



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