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Association Governance


To advise the President and Executive Council on abiding by the MSFAA Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Policies and Procedures Manual, and to develop long-term recommendations related to MSFAA's mission, structure, operation and service to members.


  1. Completes committee activities as directed by the President as prescribed by the Executive Council. This includes submitting a report for each Executive Council meeting, submitting a year-end report for the annual conference, submitting articles for the Newsletter and forwarding committee information to the Archivist by December.
  2. Review alternatives and long-term recommendations regarding MSFAA"s mission, structure, operation and service to members.
  3. Monitors and recommends changes to the long-range plan for the Association.
  4. Advises the president and Executive Council in abiding by the MSFAA Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Policies and Procedures Manual and assures that proper procedures and structure are followed as outlined in these documents.
  5. Review committee membership in cooperation with the Membership Services Chairperson to ensure that all members are paid MSFAA members.
  6. Maintains computer file of the Policies and Procedures Manual; annually reviews and updates all changes for legality and clarity and makes it available on the website and to the Executive Council members.


  • Chairperson: Past President Kristi Welling
  • Members: 
  • Steven Foster - President
  • Louie Krause - President-Elect
  • Lori Vedder - Past President
  • Anne Watson - Past President

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