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Legislative Issues


The Federal Issues Committee shall be responsible for developing and communicating positions on behalf of the Association relative to federal issues and for informing MSFAA members of general issues of concern for federal student aid.


  1. Take a leadership role in identifying, addressing, analyzing and clarifying federal legislative, funding, regulatory or other issues of interest to the Association.
  2. Establish contacts with key individuals and organizations that can provide information and clarification on legislative, funding, regulatory or other relevant issues.
  3. Provide General Sessions and Interest Sessions on federal issues for Association conferences.
  4. Serve as the mechanism by which the Association communicates concerns relative to federal issues (e.g., responding to NPRM’s, critical legislation, testifying at hearings, conducting advocacy trips to Washington, DC, etc.)
  5. Collect and disseminate information, concerns and opinions regarding federal regulatory, legislative and appropriation issues.
  6. Review federal budgets and legislative issues and prepare appropriate responses on behalf of the Association.
  7. Provide information to the membership via the Association’s web page and listserv.
  8. Represent MSFAA for the MASFAA Federal Issues Committee.
  9. Inform the Board on positions developed on behalf of the Association.


The committee usually meets the first Friday of every month in Lansing. All MSFAA members are welcome to attend the meetings. In addition to financial aid professionals, participants from other sectors related to financial aid are also welcome to attend the meetings. Other participants may include individuals from the government sector, lenders, or agencies.


The President will appoint a Chair (or Co-Chairs) for the Committee from the MSFAA membership. To ensure broad representation, the elected Sector Representatives and their designees are also members. The Chair(s) will be responsible for selecting additional members, if needed, from MSFAA member institutions.


Alisha Cederberg Ken Moored Nicole Hop-Martinez

Anne Wohlfert Kevin Singer Patrick Buck

Becca Murphy Kirk Yats Paul Doane

Carla Bender Philip Krauss Rob Kniss

Elizabeth Preston Kristin Bhaumik Sarah Krueger

Felicia Drayton Linda Katrinic Stephanie Trapp

Heidi Wisby Louanne Snyder Kelsey Stewart

Jennifer LaPratt Melina Sales Tayrn Colangelo

Hanna Duckwall Michael Passer Thomas Dreyer

Kara Marcusse Michelle Luck Valerie Butterfield

Katherine Allen Moriah LeGrand Wanda Brown

Kelly Schneider Nancy Wencl Wilma Porter

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