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Communications and Electronic Initiatives (C.E.I)


The committee shall be responsible for public communications of the Association. They should serve as the communication link between the membership and the activities of the Executive Board and the Committees. The committee maintains the association website, www.msfaa.org. The website’s primary function is to provide membership information and resources, but also to be a source of information for college bound students, parents and the high school counselors that work in college planning.


  • Responsible for the publication of news/information posted to the MSFAA website
  • Manage the MSFAA website including the responsibility for layout/design
  • Coordinate membership directory information with the Membership Committee, maintaining an electronic version of the directory, which is housed on the website.
  • Provide an annual electronic balloting process for elected officers of MSFAA via the website.
  • Work with membership regarding conference registration/online payments
  • Assist membership by providing electronic registration for conferences and professional development workshops via the website.
  • Partner with Donor Support to manage and process web advertising agreements.
  • Arrange audio-visual equipment for conferences including laptops/projectors
  • Recruit an audio-visual team for conferences
  • Maintain/monitor MSFAA Facebook page
  • Coordinate the maintaining of MSFAA archives housed on the website.
  • Monthly committee meetings
  • Attend MSFAA Board Meetings
  • Attend Conferences

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