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Nominations, Elections, Awards


The Nominations, Elections and Awards Committee oversees all aspects of MSFAA elections and identifies individuals meritorious of various MSFAA awards.


The NEA Chair shall:

  1. Oversee MSFAA elections
  2. Identify qualified candidates for elected positions
  3. Direct the preparation of election ballots
  4. Oversee voting and ballot tallying
  5. Announce election outcomes
  6. Recommend that the ballots are destroyed after the installation of the President-Elect.
  7. Coordinate MSFAA awards (refer to award descriptions earlier in this manual)
  8. Identify MSFAA members and appropriate non-members for award recognition, including but not limited to service longevity, lifetime achievements, retirement, and special recognition.  
  9. Coordinate the creation of award certificates, plaques, etc.
  10. Direct the President or other appropriate Association representative in the celebratory event at which each award is to be distributed.


    Chairperson: Past President

    Members: President, President-Elect, Vice President and Sector Representatives.

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