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MSFAA President Welcome

Greetings, colleagues!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our new MSFAA website. Led by our Communications and Electronic Initiatives Committee, the MSFAA website has not only gone through a full re-build, but it has been re-imagined, re-configured and re-invigorated. I encourage you to explore the new site and all of the features it includes. You will find important resources that you are already familiar with like our Directory and Training information and you will now have access to new and exciting tools like forums and online payment functionality (coming soon!). Your 2016 Executive Board hopes the website upgrade will bring additional value and functionality to your membership commitment.

In January, I challenged all of you to spend 2016 celebrating our association’s “Unity in Diversity.” I asked you to think about your own personal and professional stories and the path that brought you to financial aid and has kept you here. It is the diversity of those experiences, the knowledge gained on those sometimes long and winding journeys, and the willingness to share those lessons and stories with colleagues that has built this association and keeps it strong. In coming together through our association, we are able to leverage that diversity (of knowledge and experience and expertise) and strengthen our profession overall.

It is my honor and privilege to serve as your MSFAA president and work with the 2016 executive board as we continue to fulfill the mission and goals of this great association. I welcome your suggestions, questions or concerns and please feel free to contact me or any member of the board about how MSFAA can better serve you.

Krissy Bhaumik
2016 MSFAA President

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