Message to MSFAA Members

Greetings MSFAA Members,

On behalf of everyone on the MSFAA Board, we hope that you are staying safe, healthy, and positive during this unprecedented time. Please take a moment to read a statement from our MSFAA President Alisha Cederberg:


“You’re important and you’re doing great work.”

A global pandemic changes the world a bit. And then, another bit changes. And something else changes, and suddenly, our routines are fundamentally different. The connection we have to our colleagues, friends, and, most importantly students, is uprooted for what we think is going to be a few days, at worst a few weeks, and then the semester, the summer and who knows for how long.

We are becoming used to this new environment, but acceptance does not mean comfort. I miss seeing people. I truly miss seeing my MSFAA colleagues.

Financial aid offices are used to things being difficult. I think it is okay for us to acknowledge that we not used to things being THIS DIFFICULT. I know in the past, we’ve complained, moved forward, served our students admirably and just kept going. However, I think we can step back for a minute and say, “this is so darn hard”.

Right now, as we implement the guidance we receive, award funds we’ve never had before, work with our auditors, give up our vacations, and, perhaps even look at staff reductions, it’s hard to feel “good”. You are an amazing group of caring and compassionate people. The Financial Aid community in Michigan offers me the best parts of belonging to a community. Our work is meaningful, matters to the most vulnerable student populations, and – I truly believe this –makes Michigan better. You are part of that. Thank you. I mean it and I miss seeing you.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have postponed all large gatherings until further notice, as we continue to follow the guidelines set forth by Governor Whitmore’s Executive Order. We ask that our community continues to assist in the worldwide prevention by following the CDC guidelines.

The MSFAA Board is staying committed to serving our community and we encourage our members to stay connected by contacting us at with any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, or concerns. 

We are wishing you all the very best.

Be well,


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