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Donor Support


The Corporate Support Committee shall be charged with coordinating corporate advertising, sponsorship, and financial support for MSFAA activities.


The Donor Support Committee shall:

  1. Secure donations from sponsors and exhibitor fees to provide supplementary funding for MSFAA conferences.
    • Provide a list of sponsors and exhibitors to MSFAA Program Chair for inclusion in program and proper recognition at the conference.
    • Coordinate assignment of exhibitor tables at conference.
    • Solicit and collect drawing items and conduct drawings at conference lunches/brunch.
    • Invoice sponsors and forward checks to the Treasurer.
  2. Coordinate advertising to support the MSFAA website with the Electronic Services Committee, which may include:
    • Annual mailing of contracts.
    • Bill for advertising and forward checks to the Treasurer.
  3. Secure funding for MSFAA committee activities, such as the President’s Retreat, Leadership Retreat, and the President’s receptions at MASFAA and NASFAA.
  4. Secure funding for the scholarships awarded by the Multicultural Awareness committee given on an annual basis.
  5. Forward corporate sponsor information for the website to the Web Services Committee.
  6. The Chair shall serve on the Finance Committee, Site Selection Committee, and Conference Site Committee.


The President will appoint a Chair (or Co-Chairs) for the Committee from the MSFAA membership. The Chair(s) will be responsible for selecting additional members, if needed, from MSFAA member institutions.

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