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Early Awareness|Multicultural Outreach


The Early Awareness/Multicultural Outreach Committee purpose is to increase awareness among all students and parents of the benefits of preparing both academically and financially for higher education. To do this, the committee will conduct training and provide materials to MSFAA members so they may dispel myths and provide early awareness to all students and parents in their communities.


The Early Awareness Multicultural Outreach Committee shall:

  1. Keep MSFAA aware of the committee’s mission and goals.
  2. Identify needs specific to minority and disadvantaged students and work with appropriate MSFAA committees or other state authorities associated with financial aid to address those concerns.
  3. Train and provide MSFAA members materials to support EAMO’s statement of purpose.
  4. Collect and evaluate feedback from MSFAA members, students and parents.
  5. Encourage and promote early awareness/multicultural outreach involvement in MSFAA.
  6. Modify, revise, and maintain early awareness/multicultural outreach presentations and resource materials annually.
  7. Work closely with the MSFAA Communications Committee.
  8. Delegate a committee member to update website with minutes and activity updates.


  • Contacting Superintendents Through MASA Newsletter
  • Promoting Presentations at Middle Schools
  • Preparing for the MASFAA Conference Early Awareness Activities
  • Participation in High School FAFSA Night
  • Updates to Early Awareness Presentations and Tips for Presentations
  • Lessons In Dollars
  • College Goal Sunday
  • High School Counselor Workshop
  • Extreme Reality Workshop


The President will appoint a Chair (or Co-Chairs) for the Committee from the MSFAA membership. The Chair(s) will be responsible for selecting additional members, if needed, from MSFAA member institutions. The Early Awareness Multicultural Outreach committee will strive to have participation from as many MSFAA members as possible and from the broadest geographical/sector representation.

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