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The Site Selection Committee is charged with visiting, evaluating and proposing sites for all MSFAA functions, including annual Summer and Winter Conferences, Drive-in Workshops, Support Staff Workshops, Leadership Development Conferences, President’s Retreats and any other seminars, workshops, conferences or meetings held by MSFAA that may arise.


  1. Visit, evaluate and make proposals to the Board of Directors for sites for all MSFAA meetings.
  2. Reserve sites for the annual Summer and Winter Conferences three years in advance.
  3. Reserve sites for other annual meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences as early as possible to secure the best rates and allow for proper planning.
  4. Ensure that the site selection process continues the geographic rotation of conference, workshop and other meeting sites.
  5. Negotiate costs with site representatives in order to ensure that the association and its members receive the best possible value for conferences.
  6. Book ancillary workshops (e.g., President’s Retreat, Leadership Development Workshop) at the site of a Summer or Winter Conference or at a facility requested by the President or President Elect, as appropriate.
  7. The Chair will participate on the Professional Development Committee.
  8. Authorization to sign site contracts shall be vested in the Site Selection Committee Chair.


The President will appoint a Chair (or Co-Chairs) for the Committee from the MSFAA membership. The Chair(s) will be responsible for selecting additional members, if needed, from MSFAA member institutions. The Chairs of the Professional Development and Corporate Support committees should regularly participate in discussions with the Site Selection Chair on matters related to current venues.

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