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Institutional Membership FAQs

  • Why are we making the change to institutional membership?
    • The decision to move to institutional membership was explored by the Institutional Membership Taskforce over the last two years.  The benefits of an institutional membership are:
    • Stronger membership
      • With more members, more voices and opportunities grow the association
    • Strengthen and broaden our volunteer base for MSFAA committees. 
      • Create a stronger sense of belonging for individuals
      • Financial Aid Administrators may join so they will have regular access to information as opposed to being forwarded it. (direct messaging)
      • Leadership and professional development opportunities

  • Who/Which Departments can be included in institutional membership?
    • There are four types of institutional membership: Regular, Associate, Affiliate, and Retired.  Information on who is included in which membership can be found here, Click Here for Proposed Bylaws. 

  • How much will institutional membership cost?
    • Membership tiers are based on student FTE as reported on IPEDS.  Institutional membership rates will be set by the Finance Committee later this year. 

  • What are the benefits of my institution belonging to MSFAA, rather than just a few individuals?
    • Greater access to information, training, networking, and updates.

  • Do individuals outside of Financial Aid/Financial Aid adjacent departments get to vote?
    • Every person in institutions bundle that has regular membership can vote. 

  • How does weighted voting work?
    • Everyone votes. 
    • Within an institution bundle, each candidate/motion earns a percentage of the institutional vote.
    • Percentages are then tallied for all institutions by candidate/motion to determine the winner. 
    • Click Here for Proposed Bylaws

  • What is a bundle and who is the bundle coordinator?
    • A bundle is the name we use for the institutional list of members.  The bundle coordinator will be the person who is able to add and remove members to, or from, the institutional bundle. 

    • When is the change to institutional membership taking place?
      • The vote will be held at the in-person MSFAA Annual Conference in Grand Rapids in May 2024. If the membership approves, the change will occur in July 2025.

    • How can you support this change?

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